Potential for Regulatory Driven “Big Data”

The onslaught of regulatory requirements has forced purpose driven technology buildouts.  Meeting regulatory requirements is, and will always be, the critical objective.  As a result, valuable data has been developed in project silos and Financial Institutions are missing an opportunity to realize the potential of this information.

These regulatory driven IT buildouts generate tremendous amounts of data – Big Data – however, due to the challenging nature of rushed technology buildouts, Financial Institutions are not realizing the strategic benefits of this information.  Bringing this data together is crucial for generating important and actionable insights.

In order to leverage this information, institutions must:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Develop the capability to bring the data together across silos
  • Build the reporting necessary to generate actionable insights

Financial Institutions have an opportunity to break the complacency of analyzing last month’s data in order to make next month’s decisions.  Big Data powered analyses can be used to develop important insights for making near real time strategic decisions.

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