Experience. Expertise. Insight.

Navigating regulatory challenges with unmatched expertise and insight.

NextGen Strategic Advisors provide our clients with demonstrated financial services industry experience, deep expertise in strategy, governance, risk management, regulatory implementations, IT and operations issues, and proven insight into their biggest challenges and greatest opportunities.


NextGen Strategic Advisors’ mission is to assist our Financial Services Industry clients to thrive in the post-2008 crisis, next generation regulatory environment.

The regulatory landscape following the 2008 financial crisis has undergone a fundamental transformation, resulting in a comprehensive redefinition of the rules of the road:

  • Ongoing Global Regulatory Requirements
  • Increased Capital Requirements
  • Changing Market Structures
  • Disintermediation by Well Capitalized, Unregulated Competitors

The rationale and viability of many businesses is in question as new core proficiencies are required for survival:

  • New Business Intelligence
  • Optimize Business Strategies
  • New Operating Models
  • Revised IT Architectures
  • Major Operating Process Changes

NextGen Strategic Advisors focuses on creating opportunity in the new environment by:

  • Leveraging Massive Regulatory Compliance Investments
  • Providing Integrated Solutions Across All Aspects of the Business
  • Identifying Innovative Financial and Strategic Insights in the New Environment

Competitive Advantages

At NextGen Strategic Advisors, we set ourselves apart by the fundamental design of our company:

Entire Value Chain Coverage

External Consultants: We have demonstrated deep expertise in strategy, governance, risk management, regulatory implementations, IT and operations issues

Internal Management: We have managed across the entire implementation spectrum from idea development to solution design to planning & budgeting to syndication, funding and implementation

Right-Sized Solutions

We pride ourselves on designing solutions that are perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs. Through close collaboration, we leverage the best practices and approaches gathered from our extensive consulting and management experience.

Decades of Senior Expertise

Our core focus is to deliver practical and actionable solutions, providing our clients with real-world recommendations that can be effectively implemented.

High Senior Staff Ratio

At NextGen Strategic Advisors, we bring a unique value proposition by offering high-value expertise through small, agile teams rather than relying on large teams. This approach ensures focused attention, efficient communication, and streamlined decision-making processes, ultimately delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Small Us – Big You

Our approach revolves around defining solutions that aim to minimize consulting spend while maximizing the utilization of internal resources. By leveraging our expertise and collaborating closely with our clients, we identify strategic opportunities to optimize cost efficiencies and effectively utilize existing internal capabilities. Our goal is to deliver impactful outcomes while ensuring the most efficient allocation of resources.

Managing Partner Involvement

At NextGen Strategic Advisors, we believe in providing dedicated leadership for each of our projects. That’s why we assign Managing Partners who take personal ownership and guide the direction of the initiatives we undertake. This hands-on approach ensures a high level of expertise, accountability, and effective project management, resulting in successful outcomes for our clients.